The Aerobix web site is a tool for teaching and learning the movements most commonly used in group fitness classes such as aerobic dance, step, and aerobox. It was created by two physical education teachers who have been working in the fitness field for over 20 years.

Group exercise has greatly evolved and is used increasingly as a training method. Its appeal can be explained by several factors: motivating music, the stimulation of a group, dance movements, choreographies that vary in intensity and complexity, etc.

Aerobic dance (formerly called aerobics) has given rise to variations including step and aerobox. Offered at fitness centres, community recreational facilities, and educational institutions, there are classes to suit all tastes, ages, and levels of fitness. In colleges alone, for example, participation in this type of physical activity is estimated at 12,000 persons a year.

Aerobix lets you view over 160 aerobic dance, step, and aerobox movements. It also provides access to a database which, depending on your search criteria, directs you to files featuring lots of information about the movements:

  • The type of activity (aerobic dance, step or aerobox);
  • The name of each movement in English and French;
  • A written description or an animation demonstrating the steps involved in the movement;
  • A video of each movement;
  • The level of intensity of each movement (hi impact and lo impact);
  • The number of musical counts each movement takes;
  • Options and variations for modifying the intensity or complexity of the movements.

The web site also features a component providing information on certain concepts regarding movement breakdown and how it relates to the counts and music. Lastly, you can consult and view nine choreographies that are broken down and commented. This feature will help you understand the concept of choreography breakdown thus enabling you to design and deliver your own choreographies.

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